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Who can benefit from Alexander Technique?

If you have problems with your movement apparatus or other health impairments, you will discover that conscious and natural forms of movement have a remedial effect that can soothe or even eliminate pain.

If you are a musician, singer, actor or dancer, I can help you to develop or reinforce a healthy technique and a stable presence.

At your workplace I can show you how to avoid poor posture and thus to improve and maintain your well-being, your health and your performance.

Through playful strategies I help children and young people to acquire positive body awareness, helping them to become conscious of their posture and of how to maintain it. Problems of posture can easily be corrected in the early years of life.

Especially during pregnancy you will notice the benefits of a strong back and conscious patterns of movement. Alexander Technique is excellent prenatal preparation, and experience has shown me how useful the work is when giving birth.

As coach I can accompany you in your sports, whether Nordic walking, jogging, cycling, golf or tennis, and in your day-to-day activities.

The greatest benefit that Alexander Technique will give you is the self-awareness it helps you to develop and which will allow you to enjoy your life with greater composure.