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About me
After qualifying as a gymnastics teacher I trained in modern dance in Munich, and in New York at the Merce Cunningham Studio. As a dancer I was introduced to Alexander Technique and was immediately fascinated by the way it influenced body awareness and movement quality.

In single lessons and later during training as a teacher of Alexander Technique, I experienced how my hollow back was transformed into one of strength, how my wrongly trained musculature relaxed, and how I began to move – both as a dancer and in everyday life – using no more than the necessary tension, and hence effortlessly. Yet the most impressive change was not what happened in the body but rather the growth of self-awareness and inner composure.

Thanks to this experience I wanted to introduce others to this highly effective work. I completed the three-year training to become a teacher of F.M. Alexander Technique under Danny McGowan in Berlin, and for the past thirteen years I have been teaching adults and children in private sessions and group lessons at my own practice and at City VHS Mitte, Berlin.

In so-called “Active Lunchbreaks” I teach people at their workplaces. Since 2001 I have also been a member of the teaching staff at the training centre for Alexander Technique, Berlin, directed by Irmel Weber. I am a member of the professional organization, F.M. Alexander Technique Germany (A.T.V.D.).