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How we use ourselves
The way we use ourselves in our everyday activities significantly affects our health and well-being. Harmful mental, postural and movement habits frequently result in health disturbances. The good news is that we are not at the mercy of these stimulus/reaction patterns. In my Alexander Technique lessons I show you how to develop a conscious and healthy use of your self, enabling you to cope with your daily routines with ease and strength.

Posture takes care of itself
Overtensing the neck muscles, pulling back the head and collapsing the upper body are typical habits of many people in the western world. These habits disturb our innate postural mechanism. By relaxing the muscles of the neck, the head becomes free once again to balance on the spinal column. This automatically activates the back muscles, producing an effortless upright posture.

The Alexander Technique lesson
Concentrating on everyday movements such as sitting down, standing up, standing, walking, I help you to become aware of your patterns of tension. Through the light touch of my hands you feel how these tensions are released and your posture mechanism begins to work for you undisturbed. In time, your trained awareness replaces the work of my hands. Even in one’s hectic daily routine, that awareness will help you to notice disturbances, to resolve them yourself, or even to prevent them from arising. You will become your own teacher.